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When Will Hemp Farming be Legal in All 50 States?

Hemp farming and the use of hemp has been a part of America’s history from before its founding. The multifaceted plant has been used for everything from construction of some of the oldest American ships, to use in tonics and foods. In the political sphere, opinions regarding the legality of the cultivation of hemp have been varied and have certainly changed as the country has grown and adapted.

Hemp has undoubtedly been an important part of America’s rich history. It was an essential crop in pre-colonial Britain and was highly prized for its use on British ships. Hemp fibers could withstand the harsh, wet, and salty conditions of sea that caused other materials to break down over time. In fact, the famous ship the Mayflower was bedecked in an abundance of hemp fibers that were worked into the sails and body of the ship to give it strength.

Hemp crops were brought over by some of the first British colonists, and these plants were cultivated in New England dating all the way back to the 1600’s. In fact, George Washington was one of America’s earliest proponents of the crop, and he grew hemp plants on his own property. He viewed the crop as a highly lucrative one that would help to build the economy of his beloved country because of its wide use in the industrial climate at the time. Many other presidents including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson, grew the crop as well.

The crop was especially important during World War II when it was used in wartime apparel and rope, and miles of Kentucky rivers were bordered by the crop that could only be accessed by boat. During this time, it was only legal to grow the crop with the acquisition of a special permit. This was because of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which existed to tax those growing crops in the cannabis family.

Roughly forty years later, in 1970, the Controlled Substances Act was passed which strictly forbid the cultivation of hemp plants without a permit, and made the plant a Schedule I federally controlled substance along with drugs such as heroin. After this, the cultivation of these plants virtually disappeared from the American people until just recently. Since the 2000s, steps have been made towards legalizing this once popular and necessary crop. Certain states have voted for its legalization such as Illinois. In 2014, Illinois made hemp legal to be used for research purposes, which slowly began to legitimize and legalize the use of CBD oil in Chicago.

Further bills to legalize hemp cultivation took place earlier in 2018 making it more and more possible to legally buy CBD oil Chicago. Other states have followed suit, and now the federal government may be on the brink of major changes which could lead to a renewal of hemp crops in the United States. A 2018 Farm Bill was proposed that is attempting to legalize hemp farming while also taking into consideration potential difficulties relating to the crop’s similarity to marijuana. The bill was scheduled to be heard on September 30, 2018, but a number of hurdles have to be overcome.

It is impossible to tell what the future of hemp farming in the United States will be, but it is clear that the 2018 Farm Bill has overwhelming support from both farmers and consumers. In fact, CBD, which can be derived from the hemp plant, is expected to grow to a whopping $22 billion industry in the next couple of years. More and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD oil for possibly treating aches and pains, seizures, cancer symptoms, anxiety, depression, and skin conditions such as acne. Many individuals are now searching for where to buy CBD oil in Chicago to add to their arsenal of healthful supplements.

Although there are many complications to overcome, it seems inevitable that all 50 states will soon legalize the cultivation of a plant which could greatly revitalize not only the farming industry in the United States, but also possibly add to the health of the nation as a whole. With crops starting to surface after nearly 50 years of being absent from the country’s crops, many farmers and consumers are looking forward with hope to a time in the very near future when growing hemp plants will be less regulated allowing for hemp products to be more freely on the market.

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