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Is CBD Hemp Oil a Drug?

Many people may be confused when it comes to Cannabidiol, or CBD. After all, its relation to marijuana can be misleading. Those who have been told that CBD hemp oil may help with a certain ailment or pain that they are experiencing may be curious to know whether CBD hemp oil is a drug or not.

It is helpful to explore what we mean by “drug.” There are two types of drugs with two different definitions. The first is psychoactive drugs. These substances are sometimes illegal in the United States and cause a “high” or some other type of cognitive reaction. These drugs have a psychological effect as well as a physical one, and can cause stimulation, hallucinations, spiritual experiences, or can even sedate. Non-illegal examples include alcohol and caffeine both of which effect mental capacities in either a stimulating or sedating way. Psychoactive drugs are often used for fun, and are not typically utilized in a medicinal setting.

If you go to the doctor and find yourself with a prescription for a drug, this will likely be a pharmaceutical drug. These drugs are prescribed with the express intent of changing something in your body physiologically to help your body cope with or heal from disease or injury. Pharmaceutical drugs have many different origins, from high dosages of medicinal plants, to types of chemical synthesis.

Another way that our bodies heal is through the use of foods that help to fuel our bodies and heal them from the inside out. If we feel a cold coming on, for instance, we naturally gravitate towards foods with a high content of vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruits, and kiwi fruits. Our bodies need plants and foods to function at an optimal level, and many of these foods can even have a positive effect on our mental functions, making us calmer, more energetic, and better able to process information.

CBD hemp oil, such as that taken in CBD oil softgels, fits better into the last category. Plenty of research has been done to establish that, although taken from a plant that is a member of the cannabis family, it has no psychoactive effects such as its relative marijuana. In fact, numerous studies have been done to show that it actually can reverse some of the effects that THC has on the body, and may promote calmness. In addition, CBD oil does not fit well into the pharmaceutical category as it does not require a prescription to purchase. Some doctors may recommend its use, but are unable to formally write a prescription for it. It is important to note that the FDA has approved one cannabidiol drug, known as Epidiolex, for use with patients with epilepsy.

CBD hemp oil, in general however, is actually more akin to other superfoods such as berries, kale, or green tea. It is a concentrated extract of the hemp plant, and is often diluted with oil and taken as CBD oil gel caps. CBD oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 which are both difficult to come by in the typical American diet. This all means that CBD oil works with your body, much like the other healthy foods that you consume, to heal and support healthy function. Because it only contains trace amounts, if any, of THC, its effects are purely physiological, and have been reported as helping people with everything from anxiety to seizures. Although not a lot of research has been done on its healthful effects, it is gaining interest in medical fields, and CBD softgels are becoming more and more popular.

In general, it can be difficult to nail down a specific category for CBD oil. It seems to have very powerful antipsychotic properties which could provide a breakthrough in the future in the treatment of debilitating illnesses such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. However, until the product gains more attention from medical communities, CBD oil is perhaps best categorized as a natural supplement that may help the body function at its highest level without resorting to traditional pharmaceuticals. Because of the low occurrence of side effects, it may even be a good choice for individuals suffering from chronic pain or even battling cancer.

Only discovered in 1940, CBD is a relatively new phenomenon on the market today. The possibilities are only just beginning to be discovered, and no doubt there will be more to be explored in the coming years.

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